PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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Workshops for TeamsPassionate TeamsThis two hour - two day program is targeted at a variety of teams – everything from traditional groups of individuals working together on shared tasks reporting to the same leader to cross-functional groups brought together for a specific project to boards of directors who get together four times a year.

 Passionate Teams Course Outline

Download a sample from our 140 page Leaders and Teams Workshop Workbook.

Prior to the program we contact  the team leader, and often each team member,  to explore expectations, the current environment, issues and opportunities. This allows each session to be customized to the specific needs of the team. Our sessions are used to build team morale, create strategy, increase creativity, boost results, manage conflict, launch initiatives, merge teams and launch new teams. 

The program brings together all members of the team in an open dialogue about the key drivers for passion in their shared workplace. Using PassionWorks!™ Diagnostic Tools, proprietary research and simulations; participants develop self-awareness and an awareness of others in terms of their experiences and expectations with meaning and progress at work. 

The Outcomes

  • Leave with a shared understanding of the factors that influence passion in their team.
  • Use this awareness to endorse strategies and tools that create a culture supportive of meaning and progress.
  • Create a team self-motivated and focused on producing results that matter to the members and the community they serve.  


"Having my PassionWorks! report prior to the day gave me a place to start thinking about my work and how I feel. After today I can see areas of my work in new ways."