PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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Workshops for LeadersPassionate Leadership
This two hour - two day program shows senior and junior managers how to inspire and focus themselves and the people they lead. It helps leaders build self-motivated teams, driven by creating results about which they care deeply.


Detailed Course Description Passionate Leadership Brochure-Nov 2009

Download a sample from our Workbook.                                        

Using PassionWorks!™ Diagnostic Tools, dialogue, proprietary research and simulations, participants develop their self-awareness and their awareness of others in terms of the key drivers for passion in their particular workplace.

Leaders explore their experiences and expectations with meaning and progress in their own work and once grounded in this, examine the same factors for employees, colleagues, clients and senior management.

The Outcomes

  • clear vision
  • practical strategy
  • effective tools for creating and influencing the
    factors that affect passion in their workplace.


"Great workshop. These are tools I will take with me and use in my organization."