PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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The Book

The Author, Dave JonesIf you want to understand why passion is present or absent in your working life and the working lives of others, you will benefit from reading this book.

"PassionWorks! is a book every person should have on their desk, not on their bookshelf! This should be a pocket book, so you can carry it around everywhere you go."

In 2001, Dave Jones researched "PassionWorks! A Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace". He interviewed two hundred people, identified by bosses and peers as passionate. These participants were from a variety of industries around the world and worked at all organizational levels. Dave’s purpose was to demystify this thing we call passion. During the interviews, people shared their definition of passion. They shared stories of having passion at work and also stories of when it was absent.

Interview Findings

  • Why it is sometimes difficult to create and sustain passion at work.
  • How despite these factors, people created the conditions for passion anyway.
  • What benefits passion created for people at work and in their lives.
  • Who can give passion and who can’t.
  • Where passion is nurtured, passionate people gravitate.

Our Model & Tools
Early on in the interview process, Dave created a model and definition describing what passion was and wasn’t.

During each interview, this PassionWorks!  model and definition was clarified and validated.

Applying this research in his consulting practice, Dave developed and validated the PassionWorks! Diagnostic Tools, which help individuals, leaders and teams accurately assess and then improve the state of their and others’ passion at work.

The findings of Dave’s research and applied practice is found in this book, including the significant benefits of passionate work and the realities of when it is not present.  You also learn how to

  • Identify why your working experience feels the way it does.
  • Create the particular conditions that give rise to passion within you in your current job, and in your work career.
  • Remove obstacles to passion and how to avoid the pitfalls that passion can bring.
  • Set yourself up for passion where you are and wherever you go in your career.
  • Lead in ways that promote passion in the people and organizations you lead.   

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