PassionWorks! Creating Passion In The Workplace
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SEPTEMBER 2009 NEWSLETTER -Feature Articles Only

ARTICLE ONE - Post-it Note Goal in 5 Minutes

Step 1, a worthy goal: Create a work-related goal that relates to the product of your work (the output of your work) or the process (how you do the work.) For example, I may want to create a new report that I think will help management make better decisions. Or, I might want to develop a better working relationship with a client.

·         Write this goal on a large post-it note.

Step 2, your inspiration: Below your goal, write in one sentence why that goal is meaningful to you. Why do you care about achieving it?

·         “This goal matters to me because ….”

Step 3, your momentum: Determine what 3 actions you can take now and write them below your goal.

·         List 3 actions you could take this week that would begin to create this end result. Then, schedule these actions into your organizer.

Step 4, your signals of progress: This step is crucial to stay motivated. Ask yourself: As I take these actions, how will I know I am on the right track? “I will know I am making progress when the CFO signs off on my proposal.” Or, “I will know I am making progress when the client accepts my luncheon invitation.”

·         Write this completed sentence at the bottom of your post-it note: “I will know I am making progress when ….”

Step 5, celebrate! After each action accomplished, take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment and celebrate in a way that works for you! Never neglect to appreciate your efforts and to recognize the result you produced.

A meaningful pursuit, combined with seeing the evidence of your progress and celebrating it, leads to a PassionFlow™!  


ARTICLE TWO - Determining Key Drivers!

Whether people are conscious of it or not, everyone has personal drivers of meaning and personal signals of progress.


People want to do meaningful work. People want to know their work has made a difference in some way.


For every task people undertake, if it’s not meaningful, people cannot be passionate about it. To promote self-motivation, help yourself and others LOCATE MEANING in their work; or eliminate it!


Question to locate MEANING in your CURRENT work:


1.      What positive impact does the product of your work create? Who benefits from it and how?



2.      What difference are you making at work?



3.      Which of our products seem to make the most difference to others? Why? How can you become more involved in creating them?



4.      How has our team helped us as individuals grow? What have you learned?



5.      What is the reputation of our team? Are we proud of it? How has your work contributed to that?



Question to locate PROGRESS in your CURRENT work:


6.      What actions have you taken in support of your meaningful goal? owHow How have these actions moved you forward?



7.      How can you build on this forward movement? What other actions will support momentum? Get creative about working around obstacles, if you can’t get through them. There are many ways to the same destination. See the possibilities for action!



8.      What are your expectations for progress? Are your expectations in synch with what is possible, given the things you can and can’t control? Adjust to suit the situation.



9.      What signal of progress are you looking for that you might not be getting? Is it within your sphere of influence? If so, how can you get it? If not, let it go and replace it with one within your control!



10.    Each day, recognize what you have accomplished (big and small) and see how these actions have moved you closer to your meaningful goals or milestones.