Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools


Our electronic PassionWorks!™ Diagnostic Tool has been validated by thousands of Individuals, Leaders and Teams from a variety of organizations around the world. Listen to what people are saying about it:



Client Testimonials

Here's a recent email we received from a high potential leader at the Canada Revenue Agency. "Thank you very much for sending me the link to the diagnostic tool; I just completed. I have to say, it really is accurate. In listening to your seminar a few weeks back I did think that I fell into a couple of the categories, and sure enough, the results are in line with my self assessment. I will be rereading your book as well as reviewing the analysis of the report in order to look at ways in modifying my approach to work. Obsessing is not the way to go."

More Client Feedback

  • “I can’t believe how accurate it is.”
  • "What a great report - so complete and helpful."
  • “It has helped me to make some important changes to the way I lead others.”
  • “The suggestions for improvement seemed to be written just for me. How did you do that?”
  • “I showed the report to my supervisor and that’s really helped.”
  • "The profile identifies the strengths and areas in which one can improve in an encouraging, affirmative way."


What is the PassionWorks!™ Diagnostic Tool?

The diagnostic tool is a self-reporting questionnaire composed of eighty questions that takes about 15 minutes to complete. You are provided with a fourteen-page personalized report immediately upon completing the questionnaire. This report includes foundational theory, descriptions of your PassionWorks! Profile™, PassionFlow™ Score, PassionFlow™ Strengths, PassionFlow™ Improvement Areas and suggestions for making improvements in your work.


Have a look at a sample report by clicking Here


How will the PassionWorks! Diagnostic™ Tool help me?

If passion isn’t dominating your current working experience – this diagnostic tool is for you. It will explain exactly what you are experiencing at work, why and what you can do about it. You don’t have to be resigned to working in a dominant Griping, Coasting, Dreaming, Obsessing or Rushing phase. Your diagnostic report will help you to make changes in your current work to create conditions in which PassionFlow™ is the result.


If passion is dominating your current working experience – this diagnostic tool is for you. Even Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs aren’t passionate all the time! They have periods, tasks and projects that create Griping, Obsessing, Coasting, Dreaming and Rushing experiences in their work. These aren’t their dominant experiences, but they are at play. Our diagnostic tool has helped thousands of people in a dominant PassionFlowing™ experience to identify and minimize the underlying non-passionate experiences that are impacting their work.   


If you are a leader looking to stimulate passion in your people - this diagnostic tool is for you. Leaders use our diagnostic tool to help their direct reports become more accountable for creating and sustaining the specific conditions that create PassionFlow™ within them. You can’t make someone else passionate, but you can help a colleague to take control over their own passion at work! 


If you are a team looking to minimize Griping, Coasting, Obsessing, Rushing and Procrastinating behaviours - this diagnostic tool is for you. Teams use our diagnostic tools to  assess accurately the state of passion in their team. They use this information to positively impact conditions that stimulate passion within all team members. Once you understand exactly what stimulates and stifles passion within your colleagues - as a team you can make changes to work processes and interpersonal relations to stimulate and sustain PassionFlow™. Now that's true team building!


Sample Organizational Diagnostic Tool Presentation  - Click Here