The Book

Your Guide to Creating Passion in the Modern Workplace

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Helping Leaders, Teams and Individuals to Generate Passion

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Diagnostic Tools

Passionate Work Assessment Tools & Feedback 

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Keynote Speaking and Workshop Services for your Meeting

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Use our workshops and tools to create the particular conditions that will bring passion into your workplace!

Our research, conducted over the last twelve years, reveals the true nature of passion at work. It highlights the two main drivers required to create, unblock, or sustain this exceptional work experience.

The driving mission of our global network is to help create more passion in the workplace. Why? Because passion leads to achievement, fulfillment & success.

"It's like the master key to unlocking the individual motivational levels of my team members was handed to me." - Senior Leader, Canada Revenue Agency 

View Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, CEO of PassionWorks Inc., speak at the American Society of Training and Deveolpment National Conference and get an overview of our core model: Overview of the Model


  • You need your Leaders to engage their Followers. Have a look at our Passionate Leadership Brochure
  • Looking for a dynamic employee engagement program? Check out our POW! (Passion in Our Workplace) Program POW! Managing Meaning & Progress
  • View a PDF of a Sample PassionWorks! Diagnostic Report for individuals.
  • View a sample from our 140 page Leaders and Teams Workshop Workbook