Client Testimonials

“PassionWorks! should be required learning for every manager!  PassionWorks! delivers a powerful message to those in leadership positions that in order to genuinely inspire and motivate, we must strive to create an environment where meaningful work, a sense of accomplishment, and ultimately, passion abound.  The impact on business results that comes from creating conditions that enable an individual or team to move from a state of ‘griping’ or ‘coasting’ to a state of ‘Passion Flowing’ is undeniable; the personal reward and satisfaction you will experience from watching such a transformation is immeasurable.”      
- Senior Vice President

"I have been a government Learning Advisor for a number of years. Part of my deliverables includes Leadership development. It has been my experience that leaders are forever seeking to understand how best to motivate and impassion employees in the workplace. A business colleague introduced me to the PassionWorks™ model, and I knew I had found the answer. The model is excellent and realistic. I am now able to coach Leaders in helping employees find passion in their work."  - Regional Learning Advisor

“The challenge many organizations face in introducing discussions about the meaning of work is that those discussions by their very nature lead employees to question and perhaps reject the organizational design and structures that tend to enable and perpetuate meaningless work.  Failing to introduce such dialogue, however, does not render invisible the dissatisfaction that employees feel; this dissatisfaction simply reveals itself in other varied forms such as turnover or unhealthy work environments. PassionWorks! innovatively and courageously paves a way forward by giving credence to topics that really matter to employees. PassionWorks!  engages employees in practice about the personal and then shifts to the professional; as a result, the work reinforces the undeniable vital continuum between the two and we have seen employees literally transformed by the work.”
- Director, Learning and Development

“The PassionWorks! Diagnostic tool was most helpful to me because I was able to take a mundane task “filing”; which I considered not to be meaningful work, and turn it into a task that I love and enjoy.  I changed the process which allowed me to work in a more meaningful way.”  “I now file once a week, in less than 30 minutes and I know exactly where every file is”.
- Executive Assistant to CEO of an International Company