Our Story

Question MarkPassionWorks! evolved as a response to some deep, nagging questions that just wouldn’t go away: questions from Dave, Jacqueline, their clients and peers. What is passion at work? Is there more to it than being excited and dynamic? Why are organizations increasingly interested in recruiting passionate people? Why is passion appearing in performance measurement systems? If I want to be passionate do I have to turn my hobbies into a job? How can I control and ignite my own passion at work? How can I help the people and organizations I lead to be more passionate? Why are some people passionate in their jobs while others aren’t? Is it possible to be passionate at work all the time? Do the benefits of passion at work outweigh the dangers? Is it possible to be too passionate at work? If I’m not passionate at work, than what am I?

These questions needed to be answered. People needed better advice on passion than the standard “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” response to their search for sustainable passion in their work.

We found authentic answers to these important questions and we feel a responsibility to share what we learned with others who are searching for the same thing.