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Dave Jones

Dave JonesDave Jones is the author of “PassionWorks! Your Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace” and a co-founder of our company. His background in sociology, psychology, business and adult education allows him to draw on a wide variety of research and experiences to create customized solutions for his clients. Whether you need a workshop, a coaching session, a keynote or a conversation, he can help you create passion in your workplace. He is represented by the National Speakers Bureau in Canada.

Client Testimonials

Janet Libbey, Executive Director at Mothercraft had this to say about David's recent key note presentation: "I wish you could be here to hear the positive, passionate comments about your presentation at our AGM! I think you struck a chord with everyone in the audience - and did it with such humour! You kept everyone there, engaged, right to the last minute - even with a very important hockey game underway! ( We have a lot of staunch hockey fans in this agency in case you hadn’t noticed!)  Our staff have been quite charged and actively thinking about where they are on your PassionWorks Model! I am raffling off the second copy of your book to the staff! Thank you so much!"

Cindy Campbell, Director at Canada Border Services Agency, had this to say about David's workshop for her team: "Everyone on my team was very pleased with David Jones as a facilitator. I recommend him highly. He was very good at keeping the team on track, respecting the needs of all attendees, and ensuring a valuable result. I would not hesitate to hire him again. He was very insightful, organized and I would be remiss if I did not mention fun!!!"

Hugh Tye, Executive Director at Hamilton Legal Aid had this to say about David's Team Building workshop in preparation for their upcoming merger: "Friday was perfect Dave. Thank you for hitting it bang on for us. People were engaged, even the hard core sceptics. The dot exercise was particularly useful, especially as a visual statement that we can repeat in future to gauge how we are all doing. We enjoyed having you and appreciate the boost it has given us!"

Contact Dave: by email - or by phone - 613.820.4812

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